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CritKitty / Jan 24, 2015
Ok guys here is the deal. We are looking to merging with OZG if it we can nail down dates and times. Please follow the link and log into the OZG website and create an account.

Once the account is created and accepted, (it will be) then click tab that says new posts and look for the poll. Click on the days you can raid then VERY IMPORTANT list the times you can raid. e.g. Current Trans raid times or I can start one hour earlier than current Trans raid times. The time are not a poll but right below the poll in a comment box, just type out times as mentioned above.

Once we have the data we will see if it makes sense to merge. Please be assured that no raiders will be excluded from our guild we will make sure you get time on bosses with the final goal of getting everyone that want attuned for DS.

In short everyone is welcome into the merger EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A RAIDER and we will still be recruiting and start helping with attunements again. I know there has been a lull in our guild and we want you to know we are working on it and this seems to be the best direction for all.

If you have any issues with the signup on ozg site, feel free to contact any of their team and they will be glad to help!
Cefi Xime / Jan 05, 2015
Hi Guildies,

Signing up for raids is important, as it helps to estimate how many people are available for each raid days. This is to facilitate decision-making by Raid Leads, so as to obtain a full raid by pull time (E.g: if 17 people are coming, we can get OZG in advance to fill up the rest of the slots).

Therefore, all raiders kindly please sign up for raids.

To facilitate this, we have implemented new rules for signing up:

  • Sign up for raid session and Attend (Deadline: , signups will cease 2 hours before raid time): Full DKP points for that session.
  • Did not sign up for raid, and attend: 50% raid DKP points for that session.

Raid Points Allocation Criteria- as of 05/01/2015

  • Punctual = 2 points (3 points if less than 17 on pull)
  • Attended Raid = 1 point
  • Present at Declared End of Raid = 1 point
  • Present at Extended Raid = 1 point
  • Farm Bosses Kills (X-89, Kuralak, Phagemaw)= 2 points each
  • Progression Boss Kill (Prototypes as of Jan 2015) = 5 points
  • If raid canceled due to insufficient members: +7 points for all present
  • Signed up for raid on Guild Website (On the left column): 1X multiplier to earned DKP for that session.
  • Did not sign up for raid but attended: 0.5X multiplier to earned DKP for that session.
Fleuret / Dec 16, 2014
For Farming Boss 2 points will be given to all raid members. (Waiting list as well)

And please say on guild chat or whisper Cefi or someone who is doing points at that day to put yourself in waiting list if raids are full.

P.S. Mini boss doesn't count.

P.S. Please Check your Points and spread sheets if anything is wrong. It's our duty to record but it's also your personal duty to keep track your points.
Hammy Hammiepapa / Dec 08, 2014
Strategy: We attempted prototypes for the whole of sunday and we will continue to progress on it. Please watch the video posted by critty.


It will be necessary to assign 2-3 DPS players as Forced Production interrupters. Between them and the tank they will need to be able to have 5 interrupts up for every Forced Production cast.

It will also be necessary to have a separate group of 2 DPS (ideally Melee) to stun the Repair Bots. A single stun for each person should be sufficient and they can rotate their stuns.

It may be necessary to assign Melee players to taking Flares dependant on the raid composition. For a balanced raid composition it is generally sufficient to have all the ranged and 2 healers take this role.

The Fight:

The raid will run in as a group and Tank A will tank the Commander who is first to spawn. As soon as he activates he will cast Chains and these need to be dealt with accordingly by affected players. For the duration that the Commander is active the players assigned to Forced Production will remain on the Commander in order to interrupt every cast.

Shortly after the Commander is activated the Augmentor will then activate. This will be tanked by Tank B away from the Commander to prevent the Repair Bots from reaching it. Upon activation 5 players will be taken into the Colour Room and will have to deal with it accordingly. While active with the Commander all DPS are who are not assigned to the Commander are to focus the Augmentor and then Cleave/Focus any Repair Bots while avoiding Bore.

As per the in game timer the Commander will then deactivate and the Protector will activate, spawning the Singularity. At this point all ranged are to swap to the singularity and burst it down as quickly as possible. Any Melee players pulled into the singularity can opt to use a movement ability to escape and go back to fighting the Augmentor if there is sufficient ranged DPS to kill the Singularity. Whatever is agreed upon will depend on raid composition and should always be in the interest of keeping everyone alive, not padding someone’s DPS.

The Protector will be tanked by Tank A at the edge of the room away from the Augmentor.

Once the Singularity is down all DPS should be focusing on the Augmentor and the Repair Bots while dodging Bore and Waves. At some point in this section the Protector will cast Defensive Translocation.

As per the timer again the Augmentor will then despawn and the Fabricator will activate and begin spawning Flares. The Fabricator will be picked up by Tank B and taken to the Protector and tanked on top of it. All players assigned to Flares (Generally all ranged and 2 healers) will be 100% focused on moving around the room soaking flares on their own until all are taken care of. Not a single Flare should be let through.

Once the Flares have been cleared all the DPS will then move to the Prototypes to commence maximum cleave on both bosses, saving any burst cleave for the Destructo Bot spawns. It is imperative that everybody cleaves the Destructo Bots. If cleaved correctly they will barely make it away from the bosses. If not (either due to slacking/dead people(super slacking)) They will need to be chased and cleave damage is lost on the boss and it can snowball very quickly into 30 seconds of chasing bots down and doing no boss damage.

The Protector will still cast waves which must be dodged while this is happening.

As per the timer the Protector will deactivate and the Commander will activate again, casting chains which must be dealt with swiftly. At this point the Commander and Fabricator will be stacked; Forced Production interrupters will need to interrupt each cast while the DPS focus on cleaving the bosses/bots into oblivion.

As per the timer the Fabricator will then deactivate and the Augmentor will activate again. From this point onwards the fight should be very familiar. It will cycle through the exact same structure again with the enrage beginning on the 3rd Commander activation where it will activate all the bosses at once.

The real key to downing this fight is controlling the various mechanics without losing anyone. It cannot be stressed enough that staying alive is the core focus over squeezing out every last bit of DPS, at the very least until the raid is wiping to enrage consistently with 20 players alive.

Courtesy of Carth guild
Hammy Hammiepapa / Dec 06, 2014
Dear Guildies, a big appreciation thanks for those who turn up on Friday , with only 15 we fight on till the end of the raid. For the month of December, as suggested, discussed and approved by all the active officers in the guild , we will be providing extra DKP points to raiders who turn up punctually before the pull time. (For example, if only 17 guildies are online on pull, we will be providing 3 extra points on top of the 4 max DKP points per raid day only to those who are online on pull.)
Hammy Hammiepapa / Nov 28, 2014

One of the better guides with instructions for Phagemaw --->
Hey guildies, Please download Raiderino as it can tell us how many bombs are left , remaining Hp of the bombs and also how many secs left before phagemaw takes off. It sort of give you total control and overview of what's going to happen.(Also help out our RL so he doesnt have to call out too many times to stack back phagemaw for the liftoff.) :D And also for the frisbee phase, how many secs left before phagemaw collapse on us so we wont have people pressing the ctrl F1 key for the Shield, too early or too slow. You can bind your ctrl f1 key to tilde key or any mouse key for easier accessibility.

Every class should pop their self defensive buff like emergency reserves for warriors or engineer's absorb shield 5 secs before phagemaw lift off , to help for survival and ease our hardworking healers for this fight.

We are trying to work on getting an Absorb for everyone, extra mitigation when phagemaw lifts off, any healers that have insight into how this can be done, please input your comments here.